not just a STORE , It's an EXPERIENCE.

“If You Keep On Doing What You Have Always Done- You Will Keep On Being What You Have Always Been. Do The Right Thing…”

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We get our products from exotic and reputable dealers and we offer them to you, our customer, for a reasonable price. Thank you for visiting!

We have a vast assortment of clothing, Bags, Dresses, Pants, Shirts, Jackets, Accessories, Hats and Body products to amaze and enchant even the most discriminating buyer.

Browse our site to see wholesale prices on everything including our collection of exotic essential oils and create your own fragrance or browse our assortment of patches, pins, belts, and stickers. You’re sure to find something of your liking.


Earth Culture Roots is a Rasta Culture store that specializes in all things from the islands and other merchandise from other cultures: African, Indian, Aboriginal, Asian, Latin, Rastafarian Clothing,  Bob Marley clothing, Haile Selassie clothing, Rasta t-shirts, Rasta patches, Jamaican gifts and merchandise, Hoodies, Dresses, Hats, Stickers, Posters, Bathing Suits and even genuine Jamaican souvenirs and artifacts! & much much more.

When I started Earth Culture Roots, my goal was to educate everyone about the rich culture and traditions of my home country, Jamaica.  It has gone much farther than expected, including encouraging pride in who we are and where we came from as well as respect for others.

** we are not just any store, we do not only work for money, WE ARE COMMUNITY BASE, CULTURE CONNECTED,  BY helping, and building community activity in our community local and international.

** EARTH CULTURE ROOTS is not just a store, It is an EXPERIENCE. **

AS the founder of E.C.R. my goal is to bring people closer and create a bond with others through learning and teaching.

EARTH CULTURE ROOTS is a cultural home where each and everyone from all walks of life and culture can experience one love, one people, one destiny a oneness so each and everyone can learn to respect, appreciate and love each other and to bring together that oneness we all want to see in life: ONE LOVE, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY, ONE PEOPLE, ONE GOD.

  • Our people know what it means to love and be loved.  Love has thought us to be proud of our rich past and cherish even more who we really are today, most importantly, love has though our unity and togetherness which is the hope of all people.

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Earth Culture Roots P.O. Box 3137 Vista CA 92085


760-295-1280 - 760-672-5383

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