Wonderful Ethiopians Of The Ancient Cushite Empire – Book



his book was very fascinating and confirmed many of the notions of the ancient empire of the Ethiopians, which is older, however is not given its just due, in light of the fanaticism of their sister Egypt, as if that is the only civilization that was bred in Africa. A few other books I have read referenced this particular book as one of its sources, which I found intriguing and delightful. The author goes into great detail to explain the origins, cultures, and migrations of not only the Kushites/Ethiopians, but also the early prehistoric African ancestors. The author also includes her source contributors as well, which has led me to research and read their works as well, in order to substantiate and expound on the topic. The information is thoroughly detailed and so descriptive the images are born in mind with clear and utter vividness. The only negative I would say is the author attempts to show her affinity to her religious affiliation and tie in biblical literature references to her writings to validate her point, which is unnecessary, since actual true World History, archaeology and paleontology is more than adequate and will suffice. This is definitely a must read for anyone who is a serious student of African Studies, for it is certainly one for the library and a joy to read.

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